UCP End-to-End Solution

UCP - Universal Convergence Platform

Cloud based alarm call handling system with multivendor alarm device support for PSTN and IP based communication. Meets the industry-specific requirements of EN81-28.

Legacy Integration

IP-conversion for existing devices such as alarm call devices or remote-control equipment using analog telephony: Direct conversion locally with the UCP adapter or cloud-based conversion over PSTN.

IP based connectivity over fixed or mobile networks:
PSTN access through with individual subscriber numbers (mobile and landline)
Cloud-based device management:
IP based signal processing and transmission
Highly capable Voip platfrom to manage thousands of SIP users (e.g. alarm devcies)
Programming of alarm devices and monitoring by SMS
Technologien Alarm Devcies:
Leitronic Mini, Leitronic Nano, Leitronic EasyAlarm, Safeline, 2N Lift 1 (DTMF), 2N Lift1 EasyGate (SMS), Telenot

Alarm & Monitoring

Cloud based alarm call handling system with multivendor alarm device support for PSTN and IP based communication. Local conversion from analog signal protocols (DTMF, SELCAL, V.24) to IP based communication (with optional UCP adapter).

Multivendor support (support of vendor specific protocols):
Compliance with European regulations for the elevator industry (EN81-28)
Legacy device integration and local protocol conversion (with UCP adapter):
Registration and auto-provisioning
Remote monitoring, routine call handling:
Alarm call handling and access-controlled call back

2G / 3G Replacement

4G/VoLTE and future technologies begin to replace 2G and 3G in telecom networks: UCP along with its companion, the UCP adapter provides future proof migration paths for existing installations with 2G/3G technology.

Embedded or standalone alarm and monitoring devices with 2G/3G based connectivity for voice and data.

Remote monitoring or remote-control devices (IoT) with integrated 2G/3G based connectivity.

Mobile routers and gateways using 2G/3G connectivity for voice and data.

UCP Features

Manage and monitor different vendor alarm devices via one System

UCP supports the following alarm device protocols:

  • Leitronic EasyAlarm (via DTMF)
  • Leitronic Nano (via SMS)
  • Leitronic Mini (via DTMF)
  • Safeline P100 (via DTMF)
  • 2N Lift 1 with EasyGate (via SMS)
  • 2N Lift1 (viaDTMF)
  • Telenot

Communication methods

UCP supports natively the following communication methods:

  • DTMF via (Voip or PSTN)
  • Voice via (Voip or PSTN)
  • SMS
  • Email


UCP is available in the following variants:

  • shared cloud, private cloud or on-prem solution
  • multitier or single tier installation

Monitoring and managing EN81-28 control calls

  • Control calls are automatically logged in the device history
  • In the case of a missing control call a monitoring warning will appear and the device will automatically be called to start another control call (revival call). Find more information in the next segment.

Automatically revival of devices with missing control call

  • Automated revival call as soon as control call is missing
  • Grace period can be defined in minutes to delay the automated revival call if required
  • All automated or manual triggered revival calls are logged in the device history in full detail

Device Management

  • 3 possible statuses for a device:


Device is considered for monitoring alerts/warnings, automated revival.
Device can be programmed.
Control calls are logged.
DisabledDevice is not considered for monitoring alerts/warnings and automated revivals.
Device can be programmed.
Control calls are logged.
DeletedDevice is not considered for monitoring alerts/warnings and automated revivals.
Device cannot be programmed.
Control calls are still logged.
  • Convenient overview per device:
    - Date and status of last SET, REVIVAL and PERIODICAL per device
    - Amount of active errors/warnings per Device
  • 4 custom text fields to be used for additional information (e.g. ERP ID)
  • Multi-module facilities are supported for the following device protocols:
    - Leitronic EasyAlarm
    - Leitronic Mini
    - Safeline P100
    - 2N Lift 1

Programming alarm devices

  • Program alarm devices per remote (DTMF or SMS depending on the target device)
  • Use programming templates for a group of alarm devices or just applicable for one specific device
  • 2 Level of programming calls:
  •  [SET]
    full list of defined parameters is programmed
    only parameters required for to perform a control call are programmed
  • Get detailed feedback on what happened during a programing call [SET] or [Revival].
    This includes the value and programming success of each parameter with communication information as telephony or sms
  • Programming call feedback is logged and can be revisited at any time in full detail

Create and manage programming templates

  • Create and manage programming templates for a group of alarm devices
  • Create and manage a programming template just applicable for one device

Dashboard for a convenient overview of your devices and their states

  • Service Level in % to show the ratio between enabled devices and missed control calls
  • Amount of enabled and disabled devices
  • Amount of missing control calls
  • Amount of portal users

Managing/Monitoring Alarm Calls

  • Distribute alarm calls to 3rd party phone numbers via UCP
  • Include or exclude certain 3rd party phone numbers by weekday or time to fit your business needs (e.g., dispatch alarm calls to another call center during night time)
  • Define which 3rd party phone numbers should be called first and which last
  • Even multiple tries are possible on the same 3rd party phone number
  • All alarm calls and the status of each alarm call distribution is fully logged in the device history
  • Reasons why distribution to 3rd party phone numbers failed are logged as well (e.g., user busy)

Managing SIP Users to connect your devices via Voip

  • Add, edit and remove SIP users
  • See if a SIP users are registered or not
  • See when a SIP users was registered the last time
  • Use SIP users with real PSTN DDIs, which are reachable with any phone worldwide
  • Define your own sip password policy (required password complexity)
  • Outbound calls performed by a UCP SIP user are fully logged

Portal User management

  • Add, edit and remove users
  • Manage your users permissions
  • Selfcare password reset for portal users via email

Bring your corporate identity and terminology into UCP

  • Define your own corporate identity with logo and color codes
  • The portal supports multilanguage
  • The used terminology used in the following portal areas is customizable:
    - Programmable setting labels (e.g., control call number)
    - Device information (e.g., phone or pin)
    - Error and warnings (e.g., battery error)

Export multiple information as CSV file

  • List of devices **
  • Log history of a device **
  • List of errors and/or warnings **
  • List of portal users **
  • List of SIP users **

**Set filters apply in the creation of the CSV files

Our UCP-Adapter 4G LTE hardware smart router

  • EN81-28 compliant
  • 1 SIM card slot (Mini SIM)
  • GSM or Voip mode
  • Fully manageable via cloud
  • Monitored built in 2500 mAh lithium Battery
  • 12 Volt Output (max. 1A) to power alarm devices
  • Reduced programmability via SMS if data connection is lost
  • Force a certain type of GSM connection (2G, 3G or 4G)
  • Automated fallback from Voip to GSM if connection lost
  • WiFi 150M 2.4Ghz, 802.11 b/g/n support
  • RJ45 Ethernet 10/100Mbps (2 ports)

VDS Support

  • UCP supports notifications via VDS

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